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Building/ Structural Surveys

Structural Survey/ Building Survey - Fees

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Structural Survey/ Building Survey - Example

Investigative Building/ Structural Surveys - Example



We can provide pre-purchase general surveys or bespoke reports investigating particular defects.

General Pre-Purchase Building/ Structural Surveys

Our pre purchase Building/ Structural Surveys are prepared in a standard RICS format providing a thorough investigation of a property’s construction and can be carried out on practically all residential properties. They include:

A full description of the property including measurements of the structural elements to ensure that the structure of the property is understood.

A list of all the major elements of the property and services with a comment as to condition urgency, and suggestions as to methods and costs of repairs if appropriate.

Investigations that should be undertaken by legal advisers before exchange of contracts

A summary of items requiring either urgent repair of further investigation.

Identification of serious risks to the property and people.

A market valuation and insurance rebuilding cost can be added if required.

Due to the time taken to measure the property Building Surveys cost considerably more than the Homebuyers Report, however you should bear in mind that they are unlikely to tell you any more information about serious defects to the property than the Homebuyers Report.

It is considered that the Homebuyers Report will be suitable for most clients.

Example Nottingham Building/ Structural Survey: Click for sample report

Investigative Building/ Structural Surveys

Bespoke reports covering a specific defect.

Often required by purchasers or insurers concerned about fractures or obvious past movement of properties or existing building owners considering making an insurance claim or requiring reassurance regarding fractures of other movement that is recently noticed.

These matters can usually be dealt with by a short visit and letter reducing fees considerably compared to a full structural survey of a property.

Example Investigative Building/ Structural Surveys




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