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Property Survey Photographs of a 1950'S Ilkeston Bungalow


These photographs were by taken by our Ilkeston Chartered Surveyors during a Property Survey of a typical inter-war three bedroom house. Our Ilkeston Surveyors found damaged metal work on a flat roof, missing window lintels, sagging gutters, exposed metalwork on electrical fittings and damp in a chimney breast. Click on the above link to see what else our Chartered Surveyors were able to find.


Ockbrook RICS Surveyors structural survey and report on a 1910 semi detached house

This Ockbrook property has been constructed with a shared side path and side doors to reduce plot width saving land costs. The walls are solid and will be cold.

The property also has an angled ceiling in the annex again to reduce the expense of constructing full room height walls. The angle is unlikely to be insulated and will be cold and prone to condensation. It may be possible to push rigid insulation down from the roof void. Stuffing soft insulation into the angles should be avoided as it prevents ventilation encouraging condensation.

Our Ockbrook RICS Chartered surveyors were unconcerned by a solider arch that had dropped as it was probably due to historic foundation movement and as the bricks drop they jamb tightly together thus repairing the arch.

Our property surveyors were much more concerned by a leaking downpipe as the water can easily soak through the solid walls. Large escapes of water can trigger dry rot decay.

Our property surveyors were also alerted by a missing chimney breast. Most pre WWII reception rooms have a chimney breast. The lack of one in this room may be indicated to our property surveyos that the first  floor attic chimney breast is no longer supported.



Our surveyors have at least thirty years experience of preparing residential building surveys, homebuyers surveys and valuation surveys in Alfreton and Ripley and the greater West Hallam area.

We are also highly experienced in as Independent Experts for residential property in West Hallam in respect of matters such as valuation, boundaries and construction disputes.

Specializing in residential property surveys and valuations has inspired confidence in a wide range of clients including individuals, large and firms of solicitors in the West Halllam area.

Chartered Surveyors West Hallam are fully qualified MRICS members and Registered Home Inspectors and RICS Regulated Valuers ensuring the practice complies with exacting standards.

We provide a professional, cost effective residential property survey service and try to be as accessible as possible. Our survey reports are written in plain language with minimal caveats. Our clients like our straight forward approach, and that we try to go that little bit further on behalf of the client. Clients are particular welcome to attend the survey so that defects can be discussed on site.

Property matters can be very worrying. You can invariably telephone one of our Chartered Surveyors between 8.00 am and 6 .00 pm seven days per week. If you have a problem or don't understand something please feel free to call. Clients are also most welcome to meet our surveyors on site.

Our surveyors can invariably visit clients in the West Halllam the same day or next day, at the office or home.


A cautionary tale about cheap surveys

We recently had to clear up on behalf of a client who had opted for a survey from one of our cheaper surveyor allies.

The surveyor had not bothered to move the remains of a bed in an otherwise empty house to get in to the attic. It took us about 30 seconds.

The roof had a number of snapped rafters as an original slate surface had been replaced with heavier concrete tiles. Expensive!

The surveyors had not opened the drain cover as it was supposed to be corroded in.  Again it took us about 30 seconds.

The drain was of course blocked due to a problem with the channel

 The surveyor offered some advice about dampness. The suggestion was completely unnecessary and put everybody in the house at risk of burning to death as the suggestions severely compromised the fire protection of the property. In this case particular important, as it was three stories plus cellar and likely to be in multiple occupation.

We were able to advise the client against that course of action saving potential prosecution/ closure by the Environmental Health Officer.

By doing only half a job and not stopping to think about the content of the report they were naturally able to be much quicker and cheaper. But not so cheap in the long run!

Heanor Surveyors Defect Photographs



Heanor Wasps nests discovered by our Chartered Surveyors during a Heanor Homebuyers Survey. These are only small examples, completed ones can be about as big as a football. They are no harm to the property and can be left unharmed unless the wasps are actually causing a nuisance, although most people never know that they have been there. The become extinct in winter and the Queen moves on.

A Homebuyers Survey and Report by our Chartered Surveyors noted a missing earthing wire in Heanor. The pipes under the boiler should have a cable with green and yellow sleeve connecting back to an earth. Lack of earthing makes it dangerous to use metal light fittings or switches and is likely to be indicative the system is dated or installed by an amateur.

Surveyors in Ilkeston came across this original 1960's door on a Homebuyers Survey in Ilkeston. Our Chartered Surveyors advised that the glass was not toughened and poses a risk to anybody falling against it. All glass doors and glass panels below 80cm from the floor fitted in properties today have to have toughened glazing panels.

Corroding Steel. Rust discovered by our Chartered Surveyors on a Homebuyers Survey and Report. The rust is caused by corrosion of the steel beads used to give the external render a straight edge. The rust may eventually force the render off. Unfortunately the only way to remedy the problem is to remove the angle bead and insert another which is not expensive. However most would than want to repaint the unsightly patch repair of the render and it then becomes necessary to paint the whole elevation for a satisfactory finish.


Lifting thermoplastic tiles were noted by our Chartered Surveyors during a Homebuyers survey in Ockbrook. Our surveyors always treat lifting thermoplastic tiles with suspicion as they may be caused by dampness. There appeared to be an impervious membrane under these tiles suggesting that they are lifting due to poor bonding or a water spillage.

Chicken tiles

Can you see the chicken image on these tiles? These tiles are a sure sign that the room they are dates from the 1970's. The tiles were extrmely common but our surveyors have only once seen a set where the chicken is consistently the right way up, upside down or sideways for the whole of the room.





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