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Steve Butler is an independent Sheffield surveyor with over thirty years experience of surveying in the Sheffield area. Our surveyors undertake surveys and valuations of residential property and houses in Sheffield area for all kinds of purposes. We are interested in pre-puchase Level 2 Homebuyers, Level 3 Building Surveys, Help to Buy Valuations and valuations for matrimonial, insolvency and taxation purposes. Our surveyors aim to try and provide a rapid respone but with a high level of service based on our expert knowledge of the area, together with impartial advice and to be seen as entirely trustworthy. 

Sheffield Surveyors Homebuyers Report a 1902 terrace house 

Derelict Kitchen in Nottingham  Textured ceiling coating Broken and widely spaced stair rails Single skin wall.

Solihull RICS Hombuyers surveyors report on a 1902 terrace house. The front and rear walls of this property had been badly damaged by water because of failure to undertake a few hundred pounds of gutter and down pipe repairs. Intruders had damaged the kitchen and bathroom and run off with the boiler as well as damaging central heating pipes. An extension containing the bathroom and kitchen was single skin construction and likely to be cold and prone to water penetration. An attic conversion had dangerous stairs and no fire protection and probably no insulation of the ceiling.



Steve Butler qualified as an RICS Chartered Surveyor in 1992 and has also passed the Government's Home Inspector Examinations and is a qualified commercial energy surveyor and associate member of the Chartered Institution of Legal Executives. Steve Butler Chartered Surveyors are regulated by the RICS and have to follow their rules of conduct. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the leading property profession and requires high standards of integrity and responsibility of its members. Steve Butler Chartered Surveyors are entirely independent of any estate agents lenders or mortgage brokers and not not pay introductory fees ensuring our independence. Our valuations and survey reports are subject to audit by the RICS.

Sheffield Building Surveyors Homebuyers Survey Report a 1902  terrace house 

The front and rear walls of this Sheffield property had been badly damaged by water because of failure to undertake a few hundred pounds of gutter and down pipe repairs. Intruders had damaged the kitchen and bathroom and run off with the boiler as well as damaging central heating pipes. An extension containing the bathroom and kitchen was single skin construction and likely to be cold and prone to water penetration. An attic conversion had dangerous stairs and no fire protection and probably no insulation of the ceiling.

Surveyors report on a leaning gable end at Sheffield

The report on the suspected movement and suggested remedies

Measurement with a spirt level suggest that the top fifteen course of bricks at this Knowle property are out of plumb by 150mm from above the point at which two purlins bear into the gable wall. The top ten course of the wall are built with a single skin of bicks and are likely to be unstable. The the likely cause of the leaning wall is failure to ties it into the strcture at the time of construction.

Our surveyors suggested that the top fifteen courses of brickwork should be rebuilt with a 225mm wall that is inherently more stable. Straps set into the centre of the wall can be secured to the roof structure. The straps can be secured to the existing longitudinal timbers and to planks screwed across and perpendicular to the rafters just below each side of the apex. 18mm x 120mm x 2.4m floor boards or similar would suffice.  

Sadly in this instance the purchaser had relied on a mortgage surveyors valuation for the purchase of the late 1920's house which is thus about nintey years old. The surveyor thus had no duty to report the leaning wall to the purchaser as he was only worried about his mortgage lender. The purchaser will now have to stand the cost of about £250.00 of labour and about £750.00 of scaffold if the wall is to be properly repaired by rebuilding it. A homebuyers survey by Steve Butler Chartered Surveyors would have cost about £400.00.


LOW COST RICS Homebuyers and Building Surveyors Fees

Our RICS surveyors provide a rapid response in the Sheffield Rotherham Dronfield area at low cost. Homebuers Report Costs and Building Survey Prices are fixed so you know exactly where you are.

Homebuyers Survey Report Fees

Building Survey Report Fees

RICS Surveyors for Building Surveys and Structural Surveys: Click for sample report

A Building Survey is a thorough inspection of a property. It is the most comprehensive of the surveys available for residential properties and will provide a detailed evaluation of a property’s construction and condition.

Also known as a Structural Survey, the Building Survey report will describe the condition of each element of the house and suggest which aspects need attention or further investigation where the cause of a problem is not immediately apparent.

It is important to check that the surveyor you select is regulated by RICS, as they set the guidance for surveyors and this will ensure that the advice you are getting is independent, expert advice from appropriately trained professionals.

Sheffield Surveyors Homebuyers Report on a 1940 Terrace at Solihull Knowle Dorridge

Our Sheffield Chartered Surveyors found blocked air bricks, unvented chimneys, substandard roof structure, poor insulation and substandard electrics at this property


Building Surveyors reports are suitable for all properties, but they are particularly appropriate for:

Listed Buildings

Older Properties that are over 100 years old

Buildings constructed in an unusual way, regardless of age

Buildings that you intend to renovate or change

Buildings that have already been renovated or significantly altered

A Building Survey examines all accessible elements of the property and the surveyor will actively search for any structural problems or defects. The building survey will also asses health a  safety matters and draw attention to matters that your solicitors should investigate.

You can request that certain areas are included to cover particular concerns that you may have about the property. In contrast to the RICS HomeBuyer Report, there is a lack of a standardised format for the Building Survey report, so the surveyor is able modify a Building Survey to your needs.

Please note that a Building Survey does not include a valuation, so if this is something that you require please ask your surveyor separately if it can be included.

Sheffield Surveyors Homebuyers Survey report on a 1904 terrace house

On this Sheffield Homebuyers Survey we encountered severe structural movement causing a considerable slope on the landing floor at this Solihull Knowle Dorridge property. The movement also showed up in the fracturing and dropping of brickwork above window openings. The original slate roof had been recovered with much heavier concrete tiles but there had been no attempt to upgrade the roof structure making it vulnerable to failue in the event of heavy snow.  Poor gutter arrangements put the property at risk of water penetration as it has solid walls which will make it cold and prone to condensation.


RICS Surveyors for Homebuyer Reports: Click for sample report

A standardized report produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to highlight significant problems and matters requirng urgent investigation.

It is designed to flag up major defects and problems that need urgent or significant attention, because such issues will affect the property’s value.

It is the cost effective choice for the majority of property purchasers.

A valuation of the property and estimation of reinstatement cost for insurance purposes is included as standard in both our Building Survey  and Homebuyers Survey reports.

Due to the time taken to measure the property Building Surveys cost considerably more than the Homebuyers Report, however you should bear in mind that they are unlikely to find any serious defects to the property that the Homebuyers Survey and Report will not.

It is considered that the Homebuyers Survey and Report will be suitable for most clients.

All Building Survey and Homebuyers Reports are undertaken by Steve Butler RICS Chartered Surveyor personally ensuring that personalized service to all our clients.

Sheffield Surveyors RICS Building Survey Report on a 1925 Detached House


Sheffield RICS building surveyors report on a 1925 detached house. The chimneys were in poor condition, tiles were slipping, gutters were clogged and broken. The roof face had dished. Additional timbers had been added to strengthen the roof. The property had long standing movement at the head of an opening to a rear bay window. A timber floor had humped slightly.


RICS Surveyors for RICS Valuations including Help to Buy Valuations

Our RICS surveyors undertake residential property valuations for all tyes of purpose such as matrimonial dipsutes, probate and insolvency. We are fully familiar with the requirments for RICS Help to Buy Valuations

Independent Sheffield RICS Surveyors Report on a 1950 semi detached house at Solihull

Our Sheffield building surveyors found severe damp problems, rotten decking, and strange objects in the garden. 


Surveyors for Party Wall Act 1996 Notices

If you have received a notice under the 1996 Party Wall Act from a neighbour proposing works on or nearto the party wall we can help negotiate the terms under which works are undertaken by negotiating an agreement. We can also prepare a schedule of condition of your property with photogrpahs for inclusion in the agreement so that you can claim of any damage is casued to your property.

Sheffield Surveyors RICS Building Survey Report on a 1850 Detached Cottage

Our Sheffield building surveyors went to this property with a damp proofing contractors report in hand only to find that none of the works recommeded were necessary. Our RICS surveyors found damage to the property from condesnation, swollen joinery windows that required early refurbishment rotten conervatory roof joists high ground levels and a drain that had rcently been blocked.