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Housing disrepair surveys are subject to the relevant legislation including the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (Section 9 to 11), Section 4 of the Defective Premises Act 1972 and Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018.

We have acted for a number of landlords and tenants preparing reports for use in Court. We defend most of the claims brought by tenants against a local authority near to Nottingham.

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System lists common catergories of hazards found in residential properties and there likely risk of occuring. Our Housing disrepair surveyors hold practioners certificates in the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and are fully famiiliar with the hazards.

A survey following HHSRS guidlines can be a useful tool for landlords in ensuring that they do not receive claims from tenants which can result in signifcant compensation. Compensation in serious cases can be half of the weekly rent for each week of disrepair.

Housing Helath and Safety Rating System HHSRS

The HHSRS is a system devised by the University of Warwick to measure the probability and likely severtity of injury for twenty nine types of hazard that can occur in domestic dwellings taking into account the type and age of property and likely occupants.

The twenty nine hazards are

1. Damp and mould growth 
2. Excess cold
3. Excess heat
4. Asbestos and MMF
5. Biocides
6. Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products
7. Lead

8. Radiation
9. Uncombusted fuel gas

10. Volatile organic compounds
11. Crowding and space
12. Entry by intruders
13. Lighting
14. Noise
15. Domestic hygiene, pests and refuse
16. Food safety
17. Personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage
18. Water supply
19. Falls associated with baths etc
20. Falling on level surfaces etc
21. Falling on stairs etc
22. Falling between levels
23. Electrical hazards
24. Fire
25. Flames, hot surfaces etc
26. Collision and entrapment
27. Explosions
28. Position and operability of amenities etc

29. Structural collapse and falling elements

If you have received an Improvement, Repair or Minded To Notice it is important that these notices are treated seriously as they carry potential for criminal penalties but there are many opportunities to challenge them or the amount of works required. It is also important that action is taken quickly as otherwise you can loose the right to challenge the notice which is ultimately before the independant Residential Property Tribunal.

CPR Part 35 (Civil Procedure Rules) compliant expert witness reports:

Our Houing Disrepair surveyors are familar with the requrements Part35 and Part35A of the Civil procedure Rules and can provide all the relevant statements confirming that the Surveyor understands and has for filled his duty to act impartially on behalf of the court. They also ensure that matters that the Surveyor has decided for him self, matters of fact and opinion and information received from other parties are all clearly explained to the court.

Steve Butler can also attend the Court to give evidence if the circumstances of the case require.




Expert RICS Surveyor Boundary Dispute Survey Reports

Expert RICS Valuation Reports
Expert Witness Reports on Defective Workmanship




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