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Defective Roof Reports

Defective Conservatory Reports



Independent CPR Part 35 report for court on poor workmanship to a Newark roof by rogue traders.

This roof was recovered at a cost of  £12,000. The work was probably largely unnecessary. Most of the work will have to be redone.



Report on a defective Nottingham roof by cowboy builders.

In this case a rouge trader could not find the cause of a small roof leak and after several visits to the property advised the owner that the battens were rotten and that it would need to be recovered at a cost of £4000.00. The trader then only recovered one face of the roof but charged for two. One the face of the roof he did recover he did not carry out any work to the actually area of the roof that was causing the leak. The recovering was so badly done that the roof will have to be recovered again. The actual cause of the leak was where the small front gable over the bedroom window joins the main roof and could have been repaired at a cost of a couple of hundred pounds. The two valley liners that run either side of the gable did not meet at the apex and when a mortar joint between the covering tile and main roof had fractured water was able to enter.


Surveyors CPR 35 compliant Defects Report for Derby County Court Proceedings

Here's what £700.00 of bathroom tiling looks like. This was the worst tiling job that our Leicster RICS  Expert Witness Surveyors had ever seen! There was nothing good that could be said about it. All will have to be scrapped.  Failure on such jobs are invariable caued by failure to think for a few minutes before starting work and failure to use simple tools such as a tape measure, square, level  plumb line or spacers. If engaging any contractor start to worry at early stage if they rush into the job and do not make frequent use of the simple tools mentioned above. A good building or construction job always starts with good planning which almost always involves ten minutes with the tape measure!


Chartered Surveyors CPR 35 Expert Witness survey report on a defective roof

Here our Nottingham surveyors surveyed roof that was leaking after being recovered and having the chimneys rebuilt. The leaks were traced to poor detailing of the metalwork that surrounds the chimneys and roof lights and failure to secure the lining sheet.


RICS Expert Witness Reports for Court CPR 35 Compliant

Expert Reports are often prepared for:

Disputes with builders and other contractors

Poor workmanship
Where a person does not have capacity and is under the protection of the courts.
Matrimonial disputes.
Bankruptcy and insolvency
Lease renewal and other landlord and tenant disputes.
Negligent mortgage valuations and surveys.


CPR Part 35 (Civil Procedure Rules) compliant expert witness reports:

Expert Reports for County Court are prepared in a special format ensuring that the Surveyor has for filled his duty to act impartially on behalf of the court. They also ensure that matters that the Surveyor has decided for him self, matters of fact and opinion and information received from other parties are all clearly explained to the court.

Steve Butler can also attend the Court to give evidence if the circumstances of the case require.




Expert RICS Surveyor Boundary Dispute Survey Reports

Expert RICS Valuation Reports
Expert Witness Reports on Defective Workmanship



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