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Nottingham RICS surveyors Homebuyers Survey Report on a 1980's bungalow

This Nottingham surveyors RICS Homebuyers Survey Report found that heat from a fire had buckled an external wall which raised doubts about whether the metal wall ties that stabilize the wall were secure. The property also had a step in the rear bedroom floor due to the base of the floor having compacted. The sliding door sill was leaking and the front door seals had failed. The consumer unit had limited RCD protection and spot lights were covered with insulation causing a risk of them melting the cables.



 Typical 1980's bungalow built with narrow frontage to the road to save plot puchase costs


The bricks below damp proof course level have already lost their faces due to frost action when they are damp


The wall has buckled above the damp proof course. The buckle corresponds to the internal fire place suggesting that the movement is due to heat. However hot walls usualy fracture vertically suggesting that the wall ties that hold the innner and outer leaves of the wall together may not be secure.


The interior of the wall with a vertical fracture about six inches to the left of the mirror that is probably due to heat.


Note how the floor rises into the door opening.


Frcature of the floor. The tiles in the door opening are supported by the wall below. Those nearest to the underlay have dropped most probably due to failure to compact the base of the floor properly before pouring the concrete floor slab.


Decay of the door cill and skirting board.


Decay of the outside cill corresponding to the damp on the inside.


The original consumer unit. RCD protection has been added to the circuit with the yellow test button. However it is now practice to have RCD protection of all circuits and the sockets should certainly have RCD protection. It was not practice to have RCD protection on lighting circuits until recently as a burnt out bulb could trip the system which was considered to be inconvenient


Spot lights. These have 300mm of insualtion above them. As they can give of considerable there there is a risk that the will melt the plastic sleeves on the wires damaging the all important insulation of the wiring or that they may actualy catch fire.


Decay of the garage door and frame.


The seal against draughts and water ingress has failed


The channel is full of soil. It is either a storm water channel and the soild has been washed along or ants have been busy


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