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Surveyors RICS Building Survey Report on a 1890 Detached Cottage and extension



 Front. The ivy should be controlled as it can force the roof structure apart. The main gutter draining onto the annex roof is a poor detail. Any failure of the annex roof will allow a large amount of water to enter. The walls on the annex are largely half brick construction and will be cold and prone to condensation


The modern brickwork suggests that about one third of the property is a modern extension and that the property was once a lounge, kitchen with stairs off and two bedrooms. The annex at the front of the property is also an extension of unknown date


Moss is blocking the gutters which should be cleared. The moss should be removed from the roof. Spillage from the gutters will saturate the solid walls.


The kitchen window cill is splitting

The joint on the opener has split at the bottom corner. The glazing units and some others have misted due to water ingress. The only remdey is to replace them


This window frame requires early repair and redecoration and the glazing unit has split.

The flash tape is unreliable and should be replaced with something more robust. The batten that secures the polycarbonate sheets and more importantly the joist below are decaying but the joist should be saveable if repaired immediately. Others may be in a poor condition and should be checked.

The slabs are high in relation to the kitchen floor level and a trip hazard due to the low random changes in heigth

The tiles require reorganising so as to minimise gaps. The joinery particualrly the window frame is in poor condition. Ground level at the rear is high in relation to floor level.

This conservatory wall is damp slightly above skirting board level. As the interior face of the wall was dry rising damp is considered to be unlikely. Try chopping plaster out from behind the skirting board and replastering above with a sand and cemnet render to seal in any contaminates.

These white salts were dry at the time of inspection but suggest that the fireplace surround has been damp at some time in the past

Damaged decoration behind the lounge curtain was dry at the time of inspection. The location behind the curtain together with the height from the floor suggest that condensation is the likely cause

Similar damage to the decoration by the washing machine was dry


Doors are not shutting properly due to being swollen with damp. Better heating of the conservatory may stop the problem.


This window opener can not be shut due to it having swollen.

This gully has recently been blocked. Check that the trap is clear and remove the leaves


These glazing pnels should be repalced with toughend glass

The gas meter box is not properly attached to the wall.


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