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Nottingham Surveyors Homebuyers Survey Report on a 1980 terrace house

Our Nottingham RICS Surveyors found a collapsed wall roof void wet rot, single glazed cold  windows and a substandard roof structure


This was a Homebuyers Survey of Nottingham 1980 terrace house. The house is interesting in that it bridges a public walkway. Our surveyors noted that a hanging tile has already fallen and suggested that the purchasers ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance in place. 


The property has single glazed timber windows and that are likely to be subject to condensation and decay.


Pots and pans in the roof suggest that the metalwork at the right of the roof is leaking.



The 'fluff' in the corner of the roof is likely to be insulation that has been retrospectively injected into the walls and escaped  into the roof void.

The property has a condensing boiler. Unusually any condensate is pumped from the boiler through the roof void and into the grey soil and vent pipe.



The white mark is wet rot mould growing on the roof structure either due to a local leak or persistent condensation


The horizontal bracing timber is obstructed by the flue pipes. It should extend from flank wall to flank wall. The builders should have run a parallel timber below the pipes.

The pipes are unusual in that one of them comes from another property


The yellow label tells us that this is a gas pipe. Gas pipes should be identified by such labels. It is at risk of damage from a board carelessly thrown on top of it.

Wall blown down by strong winds. It was only a single skin wall as can be seen by the line of blue bricks that formed the damp proof course. The projections 'piers' that thickened and were supposed to stabilize the wall were not able to save it.

That the wall has broken in a straight line at the damp proof course suggest that the cement failed to bond to the blue brick properly.



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